We're moving (down the street) and here's why.

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The Law Foundation of Silicon Valley helps thousands of people every year who experience evictions, uninhabitable living situations, and possible displacement from their community. And the nonprofit sector, the Law Foundation included, has not been immune to the crisis. 

A recent survey of Silicon Valley organizations by the Northern California Grantmakers reported that one-third of nonprofits have been forced to relocate in the past five years. And an even higher number of organizations that serve low-income and communities of color anticipated moving. Many organizations reported concerns about their long-term financial sustainability because of the high-priced real estate market.

For the last ten years, the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley has been located in downtown San Jose, ensuring that our clients can conveniently access our staff, attorneys, and resources. This is crucial because our clients are often facing time-sensitive, life-changing issues, like an abrupt end to their disability benefits, an eviction, or entrance into the foster care system. 

Last year, the Law Foundation was notified that the building we are currently in was being sold, with no possibility of a lease continuation. The executive team worked diligently with JLL Partners, searching for possible locations throughout Santa Clara County. All options were considered, including outside of downtown San Jose. All final options meant increased costs and reduced square footage. Ultimately, the decision was to stay in downtown San Jose.

While staying in downtown San Jose significantly increases our rent costs, our organization can't deliver on its mission of providing free legal services to under-represented communities if they can't access us easily. 

Starting on Monday, March 4, our new offices will be located at 4 North Second Street, Suite 1300. 

As we look toward the future, we believe the Law Foundation's success is dependent on being accessible to our clients, most of whom are low-income or living with a disability. And we hope that you share in our commitment to this mission by continuing your support of our work, now more than ever.

If you would like to see our new location in person and talk more about the work we do, please contact communications@lawfoundation.org.