Professional Staff

We are a dedicated group of attorneys, advocates, social workers, and coordinating staff with a deep commitment to social justice.

Leadership Team

Alison Brunner, CEO

Hilary Armstrong, Directing Attorney

Nadia Aziz, Supervising Attorney

Allison Barnum, Directing Attorney

Marlene Bennett, Supervising Attorney

Andrew Cain,  Directing Attorney

Lauren Carden, Supervising Attorney

Kelley Stupfel Conway, Director of Development

Eva Fong, Senior FP&A Analyst

Jennifer Kelleher Cloyd, CPO

Amanda Kennedy, Supervising Attorney

Brandon Lawrence, Supervising Attorney

Nathan Lingat-Thomas, Clinical Social Work Supervisor

Elisa Neipp, Human Resources Director

Jenny Uchida, CFO

Victoria Vargas, Operations Manager

Megan Wheelehan, Supervising Attorney

Administrative Team

Gabby Areas, Communications Specialist

Carrie Chung, Development Associate/ Executive Assistant 

Laura Gardner, Receptionist

Shara Escobar, Development Assistant

Mark Lew, Accounting Analyst

Program Staff

Tiffany Akeo, Senior Social Worker

Arely Alas, Senior Legal Secretary

Christine Berbelis, Senior Attorney

Tomoko Bergan, Senior Attorney

Catherine Bonanno, Senior Attorney

Molly Brennan, Senior Attorney

Lucy Carlos, Social Worker

Nora Carranza, Senior Social Worker

Carla Cox, Senior Attorney

Moira Cullen, Staff Attorney

Rebecca Diddams, Temporary Staff Attorney

Ben Ebert, Senior Attorney

Erika Fairfield, Senior Attorney

Jazmin Garcia, Senior Intake Specialist

Steve Goetze, Senior Social Worker

Marianna Gonzales, Senior Intake Specialist

Natali Gutierrez, Social Worker

Nuemi Guzman, Community Worker

Anam Hasan, Staff Attorney

Steve Hernandez, Senior Contracts Coordinator

Felisa Ihly, Pro Bono Specialist 

Nina Iyengar, Staff Attorney

Samuel Jain, Senior Attorney

Julie Jurka, Senior Attorney

Annette Kirkham, Senior Attorney

Chantal Kurpiewski, Senior Office Manager/Contracts Coordinator

Marisa Lopez-Scott, Senior Attorney

Estela Lozano, Community Worker

Teresa Magaña, Senior Contracts Coordinator/Interpreter

Kate Manning, Senior Attorney

Neha Marathe, Senior Attorney

Patti Massey, Senior Attorney

Jeanine McKelvey, Senior Attorney

Denise Miller, Senior Attorney

Rachel Miño, Senior Attorney

Alexis Moody, Senior Attorney

Becky Moskowitz, Senior Attorney

Hannah Nead, Staff Attorney

Camille Nguyen, Staff Attorney

Christine Nguyen, Senior Intake Specialist

Mandy Nguyen, Community Worker

Brian Nichols, Certified Law Clerk

Leslie Ochoa, Legal Secretary

Jeanelly Orozco Alcalá, Staff Attorney

Karen Palmer, Senior Attorney

Kim Pederson, Senior Attorney

Jim Raphael, Senior Advocate

Kelly Rodriguez, Senior Attorney

Lina Rodriguez, Social Worker

Melanie Roland, Senior Attorney

Julie Saffren, Senior Attorney

Anuja Saggi, Senior Attorney

Tamara Schane, Senior Attorney

Julia Souza, Senior Attorney

Teresa Sulcer, Temporary Events Assistant

Sharla Tran, Senior Community Worker

Michael Trujillo, Advocate JD

Leila Turner, Senior Attorney

Nadia Vargas, Senior Intake Specialist

Matthew Warren, Senior Attorney

Elizabeth Wells, Senior Attorney

Jane Wong, Staff Attorney

Suzanne Yang, Senior Attorney