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Pro Bono Opportunities

Each year, the Law Foundation receives more requests for legal help and assistance than our staff can support.

Hundreds of pro bono attorneys help us serve clients in need by offering their time, talent and legal skills.

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HOUSING Assistance

Last year, the Law Foundation assisted more than 2,000 people facing eviction. The Law Foundation hosts a weekly clinic at our office in downtown San Jose where pro bono volunteers provide clients with legal advice and assist them in drafting a response to an Eviction Complaint. Pro bono attorneys can also represent a tenant throughout the eviction process by assisting in negotiations and at trial.

Guardianship Representation

Some children in our community are not able to live with a parent because of death, incarceration, abuse, or neglect.  Pro bono attorneys can assist a child by representing them in a probate guardianship proceeding. 

The appointment of a legal guardian is critical to ensuring that the child feels safe and secure and that a responsible adult has the authority to make educational and medical decisions on their behalf. 

SPECial education

Special education eligibility can be an uphill battle for children with disabilities. Volunteers in our clinic educate and empower parents so they can be effective advocates for their child. Pro bono attorneys help with drafting persuasive letters requesting evaluation for special education services and compliance complaints filed with the California Department of Education when a school district violates the law.

School Discipline LEGAL ASSISTANCE

Many youth, particularly youth of color, are unfairly subjected to zero tolerance policies and the harsh punishment of expulsion when accused of misbehaving in school. When expelled, students are removed from their learning environment and are more likely to fall behind, receive lower grades, and drop out. Pro bono attorneys can positively influence a child’s life by representing a student in discipline proceedings, ensuring their right to a public education is adequately protected.

Unaccompanied MinorS legal ASsistance

For years, Central American children have been fleeing their home countries to escape domestic violence, gang wars, and crushing poverty. Some of these children live in our community, far away from home and family.  By providing representation to an unaccompanied child in probate guardianship, family law, and immigration proceedings, pro bono attorneys can help ensure a safe and promising future for these children.

Co-Counsel Opportunities

The Law Foundation of Silicon Valley has a long history of partnering with law firms on impact litigation cases in an effort to create much-needed system change.  The Law Foundation relies on pro bono attorneys and law firms to enable us to achieve equity and justice through litigation. Through the efforts of our pro bono attorneys, the Law Foundation is able to effectively leverage resources to handle significant and impactful litigation matters that our staffing capacity ordinarily might not allow.


The Law Foundation will provide you with the training and support needed to effectively represent your pro bono client. 

PRO BONO CLINICS:  All volunteers will receive online training and materials to review in advance of the clinic.  In addition, one of the Law Foundation’s expert attorneys will be onsite at the clinic to provide mentorship and supervision.

ON-GOING REPRESENTATION CASES:  All volunteers will receive online training and support materials when they accept a pro bono case.  In addition, the Law Foundation will assign one of our expert attorneys to serve as a mentor, providing support through the duration of the case.


For more information about the Law Foundation's pro bono opportunities, please email us at