Pro Bono Opportunities

Each year, the Law Foundation receives more requests for help than we can respond to. Hundreds of pro bono attorneys help us serve clients in need by offering their time, talent and legal skills.

We offer a wide variety of pro bono opportunities, including customized team-building programs for law firms and general counsel departments.


Federal Pro Se Program

A great way for attorneys to gain experience in federal court while increasing access to justice and enhancing litigants' chances of success.

Guardianship Representation Project

Helps youth achieve safety and stability by representing the youth or prospective guardian in a guardianship proceeding. 

Nonprofit Legal Assistance

Connects nonprofit organizations with pro bono counsel to assist them with their legal needs. 

School Discipline Legal Assistance Project

Positively influence a youth's life by ensuring his or her right to a public education.

pro bono housing program

Advise and assist tenants and their families at our weekly clinic with eviction and other legal problems that threaten the tenants' housing stability.

Unaccompanied Minor Project

Assist unaccompanied youth who have escaped domestic violence, gang warfare or other threats in their own countries.

Co-Counsel Opportunities

The Law Foundation relies on pro bono attorneys and law firms to enable us to achieve equity and justice through litigation. Through the efforts of our pro bono attorneys, the Law Foundation is able to effectively leverage resources to handle significant and impactful litigation matters that our staffing capacity ordinarily might not allow.  Learn more here about our co-counsel programs and here for examples of co-counseled litigation cases.


For more information about the Law Foundation's pro bono opportunities, please contact our Pro Bono Manager, Allison Barnum at or at (408) 280-2412.