Battling Housing Discrimination

What happens when someone with a disability is harassed and discriminated against in the place they call home?

Randy is an elderly man who needs an electronic scooter to get around. However, his landlord refused to allow him to use his scooter at his rental complex. Unable to use a ramp to safely get to his unit on the second floor, he was instead forced to use a cane. The property manager believed Randy was too old to live at the property and further harassed him by making comments suggesting he needed to be somewhere with 24 hour care.  We suspected that Randy wasn't the only one being discriminated against. Our community partner, Project Sentinel, sent in people of varying demographics as potential renters. Not only was the landlord refusing to allow wheelchairs on the property, but families with children were also being turned away and denied housing. 

Law Foundation attorneys filed a lawsuit against the property on Randy's behalf, ultimately settling the case. The property owners agreed to pay monetary damages and demote the manager to a non-leadership role. Additionally, the property owners agreed to allow for future fair housing testing, ensuring that no one else is treated to the kind of discrimination Randy endured.