Transforming a Community & Changing Lives

Fearing retaliation and in short supply of affordable housing, many tenants and families in our community silently cope with dismal housing conditions, unaware of their rights. Sometimes it takes one person with the courage to come forward and ask for help to create change for an entire group of people. That was the case when Ana* walked into our office.

Ana came to the Law Foundation with several legal questions about tenants' rights. She lived in a mobile home park where the owner had failed to keep the park or mobile homes in proper working order while overcharging for rent, utilities and repairs. Making matters worse, the owners had also made discriminatory remarks about tenants --- violating fair housing laws --- and retaliated against anyone who filed a complaint. They were able to take advantage of vulnerable people who had limited options in the Bay Area's dog-eat-dog rental market.

Law Foundation attorneys and staff investigated, held meetings with tenants throughout the park and filed a lawsuit with help from pro bono partner, DLA Piper. Ultimately, the tenants prevailed in a financial settlement that allowed some families living in the park to move to safe and stable housing, To prevent future unlawful actions by the park's owners --- and potentially more lawsuits --- park management agreed to fair housing training.

Thanks to support from people like you, our attorneys and DLA Piper, Ana and her neighbors learned that they don't have to live in fear. They can stand up for themselves, exercise their rights and expect justice. 

*Name changed to protect identity