Dear Friends,

Silicon Valley has grown to be a global change agent, leading the way in technology and innovation. We know that working together to solve our region's most pressing social issues--- poverty, discrimination, child abuse and neglect--- can not only transform Silicon Valley, but the entire world.  

We've had an incredible year so far, and you're behind it all. Our annual partners and supporters like you raised crucial funds that are already being used to help people in our community who are facing life-changing legal issues. On the front lines, we are advocating for renters by working to get justice to families being taken advantage of as the cost of living continues to soar. 

I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together to make Silicon Valley--- and the world--- a better place for us all.

With gratitude,    


Chief Executive Officer

How to Support Us


The Law Foundation relies on our generous community of donors. All funds raised support life-saving legal services for people in need. The Law Foundation is dedicated to keeping its administrative overhead low, which is why more than 90% of contributions go directly to providing programs for at-risk people in our community. 

Cy Pres

If you are an attorney or party to a class action in which an unclaimed residue of funds is likely to exist, or defendants’ conduct has made full restitution to the harmed individuals impossible, consider the Law Foundation as a recipient of cy pres funds.

Please contact Kelley Stupfel Conway for more information, or (408) 280-2433.