Historical Context

Weeks 1-2: White by Law

Weeks 3-4: The New Jim Crow

Weeks 5-6: Dog Whistle Politics; Harris excerpt; Powell excerpt

Weeks 7-8: The Color of Law; Entangled Roots

Power, Privilege, Allyship

Weeks 9-10: Microaggressions; Psychological Perspectives on Legitimacy and Legitimation; Losing but Accepting Legitimacy; Users’ Guide to White Privilege

Weeks 11-12: Women Have Always Been a Part of White Supremacy; Making America White Again; The White Racial Frame; Revisionist Ontologies: Theorizing White Supremacy; Máscaras y Trenzas: Reflexiones un Proyecto de Identidad y Análisis a Través de Veinte Años; White Fragility

Weeks 13-14: All required readings for Week 13

Weeks 15-16: All required readings for Week 15; All optional readings for Week 15; Race, Identity, and Professional Responsibility: Why Legal Services Organizations Need African American Staff Attorneys; Am I My Client? Revisited: The Role of Race in Intra-Race Legal Representation; Courage to Dissent, chapter 12: “Bus Them to Philadelphia”

Advocacy Tools

Weeks 17-18: All required readings for Week 17; Implicit Bias: An Overview; Are Emily and Greg More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A Field Experiment on Labor Market Discrimination; Debiasing Techniques

Weeks 19-20: All required readings for Week 19; Kirwan Institute: Systems Thinking and Race; john a powell: Systems Thinking, Evaluation, and Racial Justice; RJTI Systems Thinking Worksheet

Weeks 21-22: All required readings for Week 12; Practicing Outside the Box; The Role of Lawyers in the Social Justice Movement

Weeks 23-24: All required readings for Week 23; Messaging the Moment- Handbook w/ Examples; Countering Fear Based Messaging; Community Mapping for Health Equity; Digital Maps Show Race and Income Data Down to Street Level


Week 25: All required readings for Week 25