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Friday, November 6, 2015
22nd Annual LACY Honors Award Presentation & Luncheon   » more

Our Programs
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Our Team

Alison Brunner, Esq., Chief Executive Director

Fair Housing Law Project

Kerstin Arusha, In Memoriam                                       

Nadia Aziz, Senior Attorney

Diana Castillo, Senior Attorney

Hagar Dickman, Temporary Staff Attorney

Nuemi Guzman, Senior Legal Assistant

Kyra Kazantzis, Directing Attorney

Annette Kirkham, Senior Attorney

Judy Wong, Attorney Fellow

James Zahradka, Supervising Attorney

Tim Zito, Staff Attorney

Health Legal Services

Chuck Adams, Volunteer Intake/ Legal Assistant

Hilary Armstrong, Directing Attorney

Marlene Bennett, Supervising Attorney

Taylor Campion, Staff Attorney

Denise Miller, Staff Attorney

Rachel Mino, Temporary Staff Attorney

Legal Advocates for Children & Youth

Roxanna Alavi, Senior Attorney

Lisa Arieta-Hayes, Social Worker

Christine Berbelis, Staff Attorney

Andrew Cain, Supervising Attorney

Nora Chung, Senior Social Worker

Pedro Cortez, Staff Social Worker

Carla Cox, Senior Attorney

Adelina Del Real, Senior Legal Assistant

Ben Ebert, Senior Attorney

Karina Ferreira, Legal Secretary

Rachel Fightmaster, Senior Attorney

Steve Goetze, Senior Social Worker/ Staff Attorney

Amy Guy, Senior Attorney

Crisanne Hazen, Supervising Attorney

Julia High, Attorney Fellow

Maighna Jain, Senior Attorney

Patricia Jimenez, Senior Social Worker

Jennifer Kelleher, Directing Attorney

Amanda Kennedy, Senior Attorney

Chantal Kurpiewski, Senior Office Manager/ Contracts Coordinator

Karie Lew, Senior Attorney

Gladys Machain, Senior Legal Secretary      

Kate Manning, Senior Attorney

Neha Marathe, Senior Attorney

Ruby Marquez, Senior Attorney

Patti Massey, Senior Attorney

Jeanine McKelvey, Senior Attorney

Xochitl Munoz, Social Worker

Janeth Peterson, Staff Social Worker

Tamara Schane, Senior Attorney

Nathan Thomas, Clinical Social Worker Supervisor

Hannah Toy, Social Worker

Leila Turner, Attorney Fellow

Vanji Unruh, Senior Attorney

Cynthia Valenzuela, Social Worker

Suzanne Yang, Senior Attorney

Rhea Yo, Senior Attorney


Mental Health Advocacy Project

Ilsa Branch, Supervising Attorney

Molly Brennan, Senior Economic Rights Attorney

Kara Brodfuehrer, Staff Attorney

Lauren Broggini - Housing Rights Advocate

Katherine Camp - Patients' Rights Advocate

Taylor Campion, Staff Attorney

Steve Hernandez, Contract Coordinator

Samuel Jain, Patients’ Rights Attorney

Anuja Kumaria, Staff Attorney

Denise Miller, Staff Attorney

Rachel Mino, Temporary Staff Attorney
Becky Moskowitz, Senior Economic Rights Attorney

Kim Pederson, Senior Attorney
Kaycie Perez, Senior Intake Specialist

Kristen Psaty, Peer Intern

Jim Raphael, Senior Patients’ Rights Advocate

Sarah Webb, Patients' Rights Attorney

Megan Wheelehan, Patients' Rights Attorney

Pro Bono Program

Allison Barnum, Esq., Pro Bono Manager

Mariel Block, Pro Bono Housing Program Staff Attorney

Felisa Ihly, Esq., Pro Bono Specialist

Ruby Renteria, Pro Bono Housing Program Certified Law Clerk

Public Interest Law Firm                 

Kyra Kazantzis, Directing Attorney

Kevin Knestrick, Senior Attorney

Teresa Magaña, Senior Office Manager

Melissa Morris, Senior Attorney

James Zahradka, Supervising Attorney



Alexandra Alcantar, Receptionist

Alison Brunner, Esq., Chief Executive Officer

Carrie Chung, Senior Accounting/ Administrative Assistant

Eva Fong, Controller

Jazmin Garcia, Receptionist

Kate Levin, Director of Development

Andrew Lin, IT

Elisa Neipp, Human Resources Manager

Jenny Uchida, Chief Financial Officer




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